Manual setup

01Create your account

To receive your msureit KEY just hit the registration button below to create your account.
You will find the key on your member page.

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02Install our plugin

Add a small JavaScript to your head-tag.

Download the JS code

<!-- Initiation script [place in <head>-tag] -->
<script type="text/javascript">
	// API store key
	var msureit_key = '249dcf0576363ecadf8b5c10e1fe065b';
	// Optional parameters
	var msureit_language = ''; // [en, se, ..]
	var msureit_unit = ''; // [metric, imperial]
	var msureit_brand_selector = '';
	var msureit_sex_selector = '';
	var msureit_garment_selector = '';
	var msureit_show_link = '';	// [number], e.g. 0=always show link, 1=show if brand found, 3=show if brand & garment found, 7=show if brand & garment & sex found (Binary: 1=brand, 2=garment, 4=sex)
	// Do not edit below, this will load API
	var msureit = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? 'https' : 'http') + '://';
	(function(d, t) {
			var s = d.createElement(t), scr = d.getElementsByTagName(t)[0];
			s.type = "text/javascript";
			s.async = true;
			s.src = msureit + '/js/msureit.js' + '?key=' + msureit_key;
			scr.parentNode.insertBefore(s, scr);
	}(document, 'script'));


<!-- Link to size chart [place on your product page] (default is to insert link via selector specified on member page) -->
<a class="msureit_link" href="" target="blank" style="visibility:hidden;">msureit size chart</a>

<!-- container showing all brands from your store -->
<div class="msureit_list_brands"></div>

<!-- Link to size chart, overriding selectors with attributes [place on your product page] -->
<a class="msureit_link" href="" target="blank" style="visibility:hidden;" brand="brand_name" sex="sex" garment="garment_type">msureit size chart</a>

<!-- Purchase tracking [place on your order confirmation page] -->
<div class="msureit_buy" style="display:none;" customer="customer_id (optional, used to relate to returns)">
	<!-- optional (as many as garemnts bought)-->
	<div>Garment 1 brand, sex, type</div>
	<div>Garment 2 brand, sex, type</div>
	<!-- /optional -->

<!-- Return tracking [place on your admin page confirming product return] -->
<div class="msureit_return" style="display:none;" customer="customer_id">
	<!-- optional (as many as garemnts returned)-->
	<div>Garment 1 brand, sex, type</div>
	<div>Garment 2 brand, sex, type</div>
	<!-- /optional -->

03Now you’re done!