1. Go to the Modules page

Login to your Prestashop admin and go to Modules > Modules

2. Download and add module

Click on the “Add a new module” button and upload the downloaded Prestashop module package.

3. Install module

Find the module in the module list and press “Install”. When installed you will be directed to the module page.

4. Add the module settings

Add the module KEY and the text link and the setup is done.

5. Add the account settings

All other settings is done here on the member page.

6. Add the msureit link

Add the link to your product page with one of the preset options or select manually if you wish to add it to your template file, see “How do I add the link to a template file?”


Do I also need an account?

Yes. Just go to the member page to set up your account.

Where shall I put the msureit link?

On your product page.

How do I add the link to a template file

Add the following code to your template file:

{if isset($msureit.msureit_linktext)}<a class="msureit_link" href="" target="blank" style="visibility:hidden;">{$msureit.msureit_linktext}</a>{/if}

Where do I do the rest of my settings?

On your member page